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Reviews for "Pokemanze"

like it

I like it cause its cool. Try to get better skills and then try to make a serie.
Dont give up, but dont make a auto replay in the flash next time ;)

Stalagmite responds:

i am improving my skills everyday. i really need to learn flash! lol. i will certainly wait for flash until i begin the next series. thanks for the positive input. really appreciated. :D:D:D

Well, that certainly was original.

I have definitely never heard those jokes about Pokemon before, your material is A-grade man, seriously. That shit was the tops! I laughed so hard man, wow. I mean, I never noticed they only ever say their names!

Oh, and the smoking weedle thing, that was so wrong man, I can't believe you made joke about drugs on the internet! :O

Stalagmite responds:

score is irrelevant. Scenario is irrelevant. you cancelled out your opinion when you pushed the "bad attitude button" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did it just end with them staring at each other after agreeing to go to a concert, or did the flash video glitch?

Animation was very good, jokes were okay, overall it does have a lot of potential with a bit of work.

Stalagmite responds:

i worked hard on the animation yes. the script was written a little quickly. but i have a better understanding thanks to these responses of what it should have had. (preloaders etc and better content) i am very sorry if i left you sitting their looking blandly at to motionless pokemon lol. but i tried to have it fade out. only anime studio wont allow effects! Darn thing!
thanks alot for you review and support! :D:D:D


This is awesomeness, make a series! Your voiceacting is excellent!

Stalagmite responds:

thank you so much dude! i really appreciate that!! thanks for your support and review :D:D:D i will make a series just 4 u! lol. :D:D:D

funny !

waiting for the special DP episodes today in Japan, i'm happy to find this little movie before. i hope you will make stuff with Psyduck and/or Wobbuffet. :D~~~

Stalagmite responds:

i have no idea what the heck a wobbuffet is lol. but psyduck is a defo. hes one of my favourite guys too! thanks for your support! :D:D:D