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Reviews for "Pokemanze"


ive played pokemon and ur so right the pokemon neza hav a penis how do they fuck and reproduce???? All i understand is that it would cause friction burns on their fannies

Stalagmite responds:

aaaha! but the real questio is... would two wood pokemon start a fire whilst having sex??? hmmm....
thanks for appreciating the randomness of my animation LOL. thanks for the review and support :D:D:D

luv it


Stalagmite responds:

Thanks dude. thanks alot :D:D:D

x D

that was unnusual x D

Stalagmite responds:

oh yes. i go for the uncommon and irregular. then i buy some cheese burgers and suck a lolly pop.
random? no... just fucking stupid LOL.
thanks alot dude for your groovy score and kewl comment :D:D:D thanks.


...Pikachu is female???

Stalagmite responds:

Perhaps... actually the point was they had neither genitalia! lol. so perhaps he/she/shglee is a weird mutant anti hermaphrodite thing.
but i get it lol. sounds like a girl. i am glad though. coz the person who originally did pikachus voice is a little japanese woman. and MAN is she high pitched lol. thanks for your review and votes! :D:D:D


it was funny, but a start button would have been nice. i hate it when animations start as soon as they load because i might not be ready to watch it yet.

Stalagmite responds:

i am sorry about the absence of a button. but my programme will not respond to media buttons or load screens. it is old and crappy. it is time i learnt flash.
thanks for your positive review and support. :D:D:D it is appreciated.