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Reviews for "Yet Another Stupid Decade"

Fun :D

I watched this like 10 times :O the lyrics are addictive, and the animation is perfectly fitting :D
Perfect, 5/5, 10/10

I love it !

And ill be playing Nethack for another 60 years :D

(Curse you Arch-Lich I genocide you first ALLWAYS !!!!)

can't believe this talented flash is so unpopular

it's awesome vix, plain and simple

Not bad

First of all, welcome back. Been a while.
Next, I know that you aren't responsible for the way the song sounds, but that was really.....how should I put it....... akward. If it weren't for the lyrics you wrote, I'd be lost....... actually I was lost either way. But the animation was pretty good. A good step to drawn animation rather than sprites. Very well done.
Also, I know this won't change anything, but the daytime levels of Unleashed were really good. If they were to make a game with only that type of gameplay, then we might have a really good Sonic game. I disagree with the critizism of the Speed Bar; I feel like it adds to Sonic's speed. That comment on Old School Sonic had me cracking up by the way cause in a way it's true XD.
As for the music video thing, I suggest you come up with more ideas that don't necessairly need voice recording. Because making music videos seems more like a thing someone would do on YouTube because there's not much else they can do.(I say this cause I have done/am doing it) Although returning to Sonic v. Super Sonic would be nice, I know it will be a while before it comes back. But do try to do some variety, not just music videos, unless you're tributing someone/thing.

very good

its been a whie vix, but you still got it