Reviews for "First Snow ~P~ (Teaser)"

Excellent job as is most often Phyrnna! =3
There are few like HalcyonicFlaconX!

I am REALLY looking forward to this game. =)
EBF is indeed EPIC =3 The four installation I'm certain wil lbe well worth the wait! =D

Stay remarkable and please tell Roszack I saidYo'! =3
* Returns to classes for this semester ^_^ *

Love You guys! =)
This music and the game shall remain EPIC in this one's reality !
Thank You
-WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* aka
Tiger M. Gales

i can see u making games for consoles and handhelds one day

man I could almost see an even bigger game. or perhaps an EBF version of FF like game.

I felt this loop was a tad too short tho.

awesome this is going to be a big hit this game keep it up man

Uuuu 1 snow mobs on the new map :)) I love it, I imagine myself kicking snowman ... :) great work as always