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Reviews for "Red Hedge 5"


4th CHAOS EMERALD!!!!!!!!!



Another masterpiece.

So THATS how Shadow lost hiz memory.
I pity Knuckles with him and Rouge.
She wasn't the girl he thought she'd be.

Well. Umm were to start.

Kunkles and rouge. Hmm Nothing wrong with it. Ok maybe one thing. It's kind of wrong. Maybe.

Sonic and. Whatever her name is. Anyway umm can that get any wronger? Hmm.
yeah it can.

Shadow and Maria. Hmm i think that he lost his memory by being lock up. For 50 years. But hey nothing wrong with that.

The work was really good. But sonic voice sound like a teen. But the sound was fine. Nice job on it.


prolly the creepiest kid from sonicxelise ever