Reviews for "Crouching Kitten"

Samurai Cat

nice work.

Samurai Jack?

Not as 'animated' as most shorts, but the art style, the expressions, and the stills pulled together quite nicely...barely. Your animations is like that cat, how the hell you win while being horribly fudged up I dont know, but hell, you dont care, your too busy day dreaming about cat guts and pink puss-I mean bunnys.


I think the fatality came a little too soon, but the end was definitely funny. nice flash.

XD cute

ha ha....poor kitty n bunny.....i guess everybody wins this round

so like

did the cat win? coz i would think it would die of bloodloss or soemthing...

and i dont get how that kills a bunny, you probs cant drown THAT fast

but lol, epic ending, i was under the impression the bunny was a girl thoughh

great movie :D