Reviews for "Generic jRPG Battle"

This... is wonderful.

I'll admit it, I love this little game. The graphics and the music are just gorgeous, nothing like I've ever seen. ...Really, I do like how the battles work as well as the RPG elements, which is ironic seeing that this game really wasn't meant to be really all that fun. Surprisingly, I found it so!

I like the little messages in between the screens (Keep crying, babies! and all that), and the music upon winning battles really brings back beautiful memories, too.... Honestly, I want to see another of these. And MORE of that music (particularly the custom-made music).

I dont even know what this is..

but i want alot more of it.

it sucks

the music just lbblblbl and the game what?


The music was annoying and ruined the rest of the experience.

Pretty entertaining

I don't think it was much for a game, but I admit it was pretty funny to see those dumb-looking heads just show up and hit the same guy over and over again with that dopey music being played. I know this wasn't supposed to be anything serious, so I can just appreciate it for being a brief parody of RPG games in general as I'm not that fond of them anyway.