Reviews for "Call of Atlantis"


Boring and you also have an exact copy of the game called dfg call of the atlantis.


is is as addictive as bejeweled? not quiet but close


The graphics are unsurpassed, as always with your games. The sounds can get annoying after some time, but they're suitable for their actions, and the animation is awesome. There might be a glitch or gameplay error in that when I died, I was able to click several things on the screen, but NOTHING responded. No 'start over' option, no ability to pull up the menu, nothing. There oughta be some kind of option, after all, what's the point of the hearts on the right panel if not for replays?

Anyway, despite the overall fantastic production value, I feel when I play these games as though Ithis is essentially digital prozac. It's fairly mindless (not that the switching games don't get harder, but even then, it's not really a question of strategy, just of applying a really limited set of tactics), it's extremely calming, and the puzzle interludes between the tile-switching scenarios are nearly too easy to be described by the word 'gameplay.' All in all, it strikes me like an extremely well made, pretty, shiny, turd. Like if you took a turd out of the toilet bowl, and used extreme care, skill, and art to glaze it with lucite and decorate it beautifully with a bedazzler. It's all form, and the substance stinks (again, referring to gameplay, and not to the skill or effort put into making the game). I feel a little dirty and stupid after playing. Ah well. Maybe that's just me.


Awesome graphics, nice and simple gameplay. 10/10, 5/5 and recommended for puzzle collection

Great game, but far too short.

I do understand that it's supposed to be a demo, and so it's going to be shorter because you're trying to get people interested. And it looks like it has a lot of promise. However, the first "matching puzzle" requires no skill whatsoever, and the first level took less than 15 seconds. I assume the actual game is more challenging, but that doesn't make me want to play it, you know?