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Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Zero's Theme v2"

hell yay awsome song

will u be my friend i have none here exept a few but will u like i said nice song

DarKsidE555 responds:

lol wut?


I thought I was going to have to have the badder quality one forever!

DarKsidE555 responds:

Don't settle for the old, check out my third and last version of it! You'll be suprised. :)

Thanks for the review!

Perhaps a little light.

I really liked it, but I imagine Zero's theme to be even heavier - possibly a cross between regular and melodic metal, maybe with deathy overtones - rather than the whole power metal thing you seem to have at the moment. Even though it's a cover, I'm sure you could do something cool with it. Still, it has a very nice 'vibe' and shows good musical talent. I'm giving it a 9/10.

DarKsidE555 responds:

Why thank you very much, and don't worry, the third version will be here very soon. I'll give you a shout out when it's done. ;)

Won't be "that" heavy though but I'll guess you'll like that one as well. ;)


I just wich it was longer. I freakin love the tune though. Good job.

DarKsidE555 responds:

My third and last version of this tune will be around 2:47, so I guess it should be long enough! ;)

You can check a preview of it here: http://darkside.sheezyart.com/

rock on

awosome song keep the good work

DarKsidE555 responds:

ok, interesting score for an "awesome" song though.