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Reviews for "Star Trek TOS Intro"

Work on it

Your drawings of the Enterprise weren't bad, but they could use some work. As I-Rule said, work on tweening; it'll make life easier. Plus you may want to study the movements in the original version more closely; the days of motion control in the 1960's actually aren't too different from tweening now.

A decent likeness, but overall it leaves room for improvement.

Trekkie2063 responds:

True. I admit, this isn't great, but given I had a deadline of when the assignment was due, I don't think it's half bad. And like I say, I wanted to go back and improve stuff, but I forgot a great deal of flash lol

Work a little on your tweens

other wise, live long and prosper. :)

Not bad

The only problem was that the sound was way, waaaaaaay out of sync with the action. Other than that, pretty good effort.

Trekkie2063 responds:

Hmmm......I didn't notice any problem with the sound in the original source file, or here on newgrounds.

not that good

i saw the same tween over and over again it was pretty short and the back ground wasant even hand drew