Reviews for "Phase Ten 2.0"


awesome! you dont need to make any adjustments! the movie is perfect! graphics are good also!

Not just stickman.

This is way better, the way you show emotions and black outlines - coloured fills.
Very nice, cant wait for the follow up.

One of the better stick-fights that I've ever seen

The animation style is unique to the "Phase" series...
The action, attacks, landscaping, battle movements, attack results, are all unbelievably well done.
The movements are quite a bit more life-imitating as far as taking a hit, getting up, etc is concerned...
You used captain falcon's epic spike (which may go by other names in certain communities lol).
The animating style, carries through with the motions, Beautifully...
And then, you stopped? T_T 10/10, 5/5... but I seriously hope that I see that sequel randomly pop up some day. :D
(You DID, invoke Captain Falcon after all :P...TWICE.)


It was so awesome that my flash player started lagging!!!


two words.....TOTAL EPICNESS. keep up the good work