Reviews for "Phase Ten 2.0"


Great, I loved it. It used those DBZ fighting styles which I don't usually like, but it was really nice. Also, not just another Xiaoxiao. very unique, and well made. However, a bit after Z3ro shows up it started to lag, maybe it was just my computer, but w/e. :]

Coulda done with a higher framrate

I normally hate DBZ styled fights because a lot of the time there's more teleporting than fighting going on, but here there was a perfect balance. However, the framerate was too low for this sort of animation, and the movement seemed choppy.


awesome! you dont need to make any adjustments! the movie is perfect! graphics are good also!


Wow, this one is better! Good work.
Great colors and animation.
It's fast and dynamic!
I will wait for your next flash.


That was pretty awesome. Seemed to get really laggy there at the end but I was entertained.

Good job.