Reviews for "Phase Ten 2.0"

One of the better stick-fights that I've ever seen

The animation style is unique to the "Phase" series...
The action, attacks, landscaping, battle movements, attack results, are all unbelievably well done.
The movements are quite a bit more life-imitating as far as taking a hit, getting up, etc is concerned...
You used captain falcon's epic spike (which may go by other names in certain communities lol).
The animating style, carries through with the motions, Beautifully...
And then, you stopped? T_T 10/10, 5/5... but I seriously hope that I see that sequel randomly pop up some day. :D
(You DID, invoke Captain Falcon after all :P...TWICE.)

this vid is sweet

sweet. hey can someone, anyone post this and the 1st part on youtube with good quality anmd PLZ FOR THE FUCKING LOVE OF GOD, DONT ADD ANY FUCKING ROCK SONGS TO IT THINKING YOULL MAKE IT BETTER!!! thx. sweet vid dude, i really wanna see the next part.

good job keep it up!

tell me when the next one comes out


so epic it lagged my super fast comp and i had to change it to low quality :P

Not bad!

I liked the animation, and unlike most stick fights, you gave some dialogue which gave the characters more meaning. You could even develop the characters more by giving them more dialogue or some sort of background. Another thing I would reccommend that you did in the first phase ten that was slightly different was that the animation was more sped up and consistent. This one was slightly choppy in some parts because the animations speed wasn't as consistent.

Don't let these comments fool you though, it was a top-quality stick fight flash, and its been a while since I've seen one.

Overall: 5/5, 9/10.