Reviews for "-S.N.A.F.U theme-"

your musics never fail to amaze me!
and i think im not the only one think so!!
faved. 5 & 5 and downloded

Amazing, as usual. By the amazing waterflame!

Song has enough energy to wipe out the dance floor. In a manner where everyone is exhausted from dancing to hard and blacks out.
Now I like to dance to good stuff, like the majority of your compositions, But... damn. This is too good sir. You don't need the cookies.

This was commissioned? ...Isn't there some kind of contract involved that taboos reproduction? LIKE ON THE INTERNET?!
But if not then... I worry to much.

Waterflame responds:

haha wow, thanks alot :D ! and no it was a non exclusive contract, so i could upload it later after the first exclusive week of usage, aslong as i kept the tile and wrote it was a comission for them :)

Amazing, as usual. There's a reason you're my favorite NG composer. :D
And "Snaffu" (the pronunciation of the acronym in the title) fits pretty well as the song's title. ;)

Waterflame responds:

yay! thanks :D

Wow epically upbeat as usual all you pieces never cease to amaze me.
When I am depressed I listen to your songs I always end up smiling, thank you for your wonderful masterpieces

Waterflame responds:

aw thanks man :D !! thats awesome to hear :D