Reviews for "John Citizen"

good overall.

i agree with Zieco, this game was way to hard at the niagra falls level.


I found it good. The Gravity Gun from Half Life 2, this should be fun. But that Gravity Gun lacked power, it can be used as a weapon, but it never did. Weapons weren't powerfull enough, Not enough Cheats, and it gets boring after easter island.

very good game

it was like nothing i have never seen or heard or played of but over all very good game


Its an okay game, once you get to the Niagara falls level it becomes to hard. The controls were a little wonky and some of the guns lacked the power they should have had. Examples are as follows. Explosives, Normally a rocket launcher can take a helicopter down in one hit. the radius of the explosions was way off. taking damage when your not even close to the explosion was was kind of odd. Also I think it would have made more sense if you had alien weaponry. Other than that it was a pretty decent game.

all most!

needs more, like cheats!!!! yes im a cheater!!!