Reviews for "John Citizen"

come on

i didnt enjoy the gameplay cuz its basicaly like your out in the open with terrible guns and retarded enemies have fun

and if u think thts a good game, lay off the coke

ok it was good

but changing guns with the number pad was anoying the hel out of me
iu couldnt get past niagra falls cos of that
the bomb thing wouldnt let me do much and the grav gun was needed to cross a pit of steaks and then i had to imidetly change weposs at the end of it wich was anoyinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gg


It's good. It's a game that I'd expect to see on lot's of other game homepages.
I think it's a little annoying how slow the character moves, but it doesn't bother me too much. You get used to it after a while.
I liked the gravity gun, although it was off of half life 2 to begin with, but whatever, it's cool.
So I've given it 8/10 - 1 point deducted for being a little slow, 1 point deducted for... *cough* couldn't finish *cough*.
Keep it up, you're a good game designer :)


Good game but I found it pretty easy to just slide a barrel or two in front of me and lob grenades over to kill any on coming guys. Also you spelled Ottawa, Ottowa and Niagara Falls is a Canadian city that's right beside Buffalo, NY. I'm glad you skipped Canadian Geography classes to make this game because I enjoyed it more then you would have probably enjoyed learning about Canadian cities.

It would have been nice to have the ammo for the various weapons shown on screen at all times and the corner detection was a little sloppy, sometimes I'd get stuck on the corner and then fall off. Was kinda annoying on the 9th level.

the last was challenging

the last level Niagara falls is like hard compared to the other levels. but to make this level easier i tried using the gravity gun to grab objects and deflect the bombs didn't work very well but when i accidentally paused it with a bomb on my screen the bomb eventually exploded then i did the same thing over but still didn't beat it great game hope you make moar!