Reviews for "John Citizen"


it looks cool but wat the f#ck I can't play it I'll just give you 5/10


I liked the platform elements but I have to say that all the levels were very repetitive and bland. Spend more time on better backrounds and more interesting levels. As for the gravity gun...change the name if your going to use it! Everyone knows you got it from half-life, so just mix it up to make it less obvious. Also I think you should put more effort into the variety of guns.

Copying guns..

Please. The reviews about the gravity gun being a negative aspect of this game are lame. Everyone copies everyone's guns from any game. It's like saying "oh you have a rocket launcher, you copied that idea from halo" how lame is that? The rocket launcher is used in any first person ever. The gravity gun was the best aspect of this game. Screw the haters.

Really nice game

Its a really good platform game.Liked the Half life weapon idea.Keep it up!!

good game but

it was kinda gay of u to copy the gravity gun off of the orange box u gotta idmitt