Reviews for "John Citizen"

I don't see the awesomeness

It wasn't that cool. I liked the gravity gun, but thats basically it.


I couldn't stop playing it!

made me feel like a young kid again...

never forget the hours of wasted quarters playing metal gear *tears well up in eyes*

I also went through half of the levels only using a crate and the grav-gun. I like hitting smile faces with boxes.

it was okay

It was cool with that gravity gun.

what if mario had guns?

This game is really just a classic side scroller where you can kill stuff
what more can a newgrounder ask? who gives a fuck.
the point is .. killin smiley faces is a lot funnier than it sounds
it was kinda slow and uninteresting for me but I can understand why it appeals to so many people
games like this don't just pop out every now and then