Reviews for "John Citizen"

fool prof trick

hold slo-mo and trow granade then eter grab it with the graverty gun or shoot it with the handgun. 2nd one works best and looks cooler
o and gud game


I really like it, its very addictive but i spotted one bug where I destroyed the world twice but diden't get the achievment for it, that diden't really bother me that much but i am just telling you so you can repair it. Apart from that great game keep up the good work =)


woot nice game 5/5 10/10 i loved it and it was fairly

Pretty slick

This is a slick little shooter with good controls. The storyline is kind of pointless, but the gameplay works well.

The gravity gun is well done, if a little cliche. I'd like to see more differentiation between the PKM and AK. Ammunition for everything is plentiful, which is good for games requiring more dakka and less strategy like this one, but it begs the question of "why bother?"


its just an epic game i cant say why...