Reviews for "John Citizen"


great but it be great if the portal gun was there and u can shoot through it

fun, but short

john citizen is pretty awesome and its great if you got 15min to kill. fun, and looks good. great work!

well ...

did you make this off hl2? well it looks like it awsome!

Interesting concept. An all right game.

John Citizen is a pretty decent platform shooter that offers simplistic controls and a moderate amount of fun. It's a good game, but more features inside its small premise would have been appreciated. You walk around, shoot, etc. Usual shooting concept. The physics are apparent and the best feature in the game. You have natural controls such as slowing down time but they don't add that much to the fun factor. It's a fun game, just might be way too simple for some.

great game but ...

aiming was random lagged a bit and was predictable but if you make an online version that would be BADASS but over all 8/10