Reviews for "John Citizen"

Citizens Of Tomorrow

Here is the problem : the physics are not that great. The moves are sketchy, and the aiming is "random".

The graphics are poor, not terrible, but you blatantly didn't care about designing the characters.

The levels are sometimes too short and easy, but then switch to an all-different difficulty. It's not even fun to overkill through the inaccurate aiming.

Other than that, the achievement are interesting, the shurikens are a good idea and I love the gravity gun. Or anti-gravity. Or whatever you call >:(


Poor animation, bland weapons, ripped a weapon, ripped a puzzle, ripped a exploding barrel and how it works...

Originality motherfucker, do you have it?


ok im kinda pissed...the game was great and stuff...but if u say it is based on physics and logic then that is bullshit. examples: there is a chopper flying, it is impossible to destroy it! im banging crates against the rotor with the gravity gun, it still flies, i fire it with 3 rockets, it is still flying, i am firing it with an ak-47, it still flies, then i block the bullets coming from the chopper with the crate and i am unable to build a wall of those to get passed and finally, it is full off bugs: suddenly i cannot move anymore and i fly against a wall and can`t go away anymore, or i just start spinning around. lol sad, i would have wanted to play it to the end, but it was full of bugs so...had to quit it i will give a 8 to it because of those faults, after all good game


In the Netherlands, at the start you can use that spinning thing to get at the top of the hill! Uh, thats useless, I just wanted to say somthing X3
Anyway, great game! I love all the weapons! But the music is repetitive.

I don't get what people are saying

First, this is not a rip of, just another platform game. they all seem similar beacause the are all the same genere.
second for the people that say it is bland, It is accually fun in the later levels. I bet you that those people just payed the first easy levels and thought that there was only like one enemy for every map. of course it will be bland if you dont get far enough into the game where you are challenged.
The people that say the rocket isn't good enough let it go. I thought the rocket was good for takeing out small clusters of guys. and besides, the game is beatable with the out of proportion rocket launcher, so who gives a shit?

Its really the best platformer on newgrounds. It took me a week to beat, the perfect difficulty, and I think it deserves the spot its in.