Reviews for "John Citizen"

Very fun game

I really like the different weapons, their varying damage, the way they looked(though the shotgun look a bit better) but the running an jumping speed was a bit too slow.
2 things i just cant stand about this game:
-Those fucking shurikens! WTF how do people get control of shurikens the size of the people themselves?
-The platform thing. it took me like 10 times to get past that platform level. Tiny platforms DO NOT make the game harder!
Overall, a good game.

well, it needs work

i found it to be fun at first, with the gravity gun and all.

but then, i realized the problems:
the jumping is excruciatingly slow
the music was boring
the background was all bright and funky

i didnt find the characters to be ugly, considering its how you wanted the game to be, but they were kind of simple.

the concept was very nice, it just needs to be worked on, thats all.

Overall a good game however....

Level 9 just felt like a level you drempt up in about 7 seconda and just feels like a lazy challange I could not get past the part were the blocks were like juts really tiny squares and due to the jumping sytem being reeeellllay floty it was impossible to get by....other than that the game was subpar.

it's not that bad

i actually enjoyed it...maybe some character design next time?

and the background seriously hurts my eyes...turn down the color a little >.<


good game, fix the bugs though start to get anoying. no physics or logic either.same as those before me.