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Reviews for "Tales of Crevan"

cool gameplay

cool gameplay and the coloring is something but a few issues with it I had.

first even if you get all the paint you can early on you can't color it all until you get enough upgrades so you force people to replay stages and since you can fly unlimited and most of the stuff that hurts you is on ground you should limit the fly length

also it can be hard to see what items will hurt you at times and even more so if you cant paint them

ERstudio responds:

Actually you don't need to paint all levels to 100% if you want just finish the game. But if you want to collect all achievements you'll need to do this.

If it's hard for you to find obstacles, you need to stop sometimes and look for lights they will help you ;)

Very fun. :)

How did you managed to make the game only 10KB? O_o

ERstudio responds:

it's fairy's magic ;)

:P not that bad

i really like the graphics, a bit too girl tho, and the idea is good

Well, it's okay.

This is a good game, it has very good visuals and a great story and really charming characters, but just a few things held this back. The art style is the same for most everything in the game, so its hard to tell what to get and what to avoid, you might also try slowing the tempo of the game just a bit. But above all, this was a decent game.


Nothing new, kinda boring.