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Reviews for "Tales of Crevan"

pretty good

The Good:
Sound Effects
The Bad:
kinda stupid plotline
the "fight" between ur guy and an enemy was too easy
The Ugly:
Other: game itself could have been designed better as far as gameplay

ERstudio responds:

Thanks for your review.

Well, What A Pretty Game We Got Here...

I must say the author is quite an artiste. The fantasy world in this game is simply luscious and vibrant. You basically play as a little fox with faerie wings who must recolor his world. Along the way you fight dragons and such in a style like that of a simple mimic game(ala varied forms of simon). You also collect bugs and rainbow fluid to refill your color meter. Levels are very simple, you just duck and fly your way through while avoiding monster and collecting bugs and items. It not that very deep I would say, and most adults may not stop to play this sort thing. But I'm pretty sure the kiddies will love it.

ERstudio responds:

Thanks. Actually we made this game for girls and children. But we will be happy, if some adult players will likes it too.

pretty cool

i liked it but i just thought the movements for going up and down were way too touchy

Good art, not exactly good game

Do you know that game for PSP? Muramasa The Demon Sword? It has beautiful art,but the game itself is not all that thing. You are good,maybe if you work with another good flash games maker,you will make good games.

Author Comments

that sounds like your high