Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"

Fucking amazing!

this is the best I have seen in weeks around. Minimalistic style, the stickman with sad face owns. Music is great also (in a minimalistic way) and definitely my knda humor! Black and senseless! keep up the good work man!
PD: I have no more points today, tomorrow I am voting

LOL AWESOME!! Hillarious!

"Freeze, Your under arest shitbag!" .... (slows down pencil drawing after half an hour, stops.) " OH NOES!!" XD BWAHAHAHHAA

xD lol

awesome i laughed at the moment with bombs..it was like wth , why?and so on very funny game,the music was kinda strange but it still was funny -i give ya 10 :) more funny games like that..too bad it was so short.


end was awesome, gunna go checl som of your other stuff now


never heard about the incident till now... maybe all incidents should be told this way many lolz and funny to be had