Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"


my guy decided it was an amazing idea to run up the refrigerator and off the screen eternally being completely out of my reach, control, or influence, i'm not gonna waste my time restarting a game as poorly coded as this one obviously was

You have to be shitting me...

No? I guess you're serious...
It's nice how people can make such serious matters look fun and care free. Nice Job. ;D

scottmale24 responds:

It was especially serious because of all those people who got hurt.

You know, all zero of them.


What a crap little game. The fields for going near doors were hard to use and brought down this "game". the music was unimaginative and the concept was weak. But i do agree that drains are filled with imagination. that's 10 minutes i will never get back in my life. so i spite you sir.