Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"


the amazing sotry of an epic fail.... if you want to set your school on fire, don't tell anyone, wear a mask and fucking do it quick but noooooooooo let's be awesome and hope everyone will find you cool because you say you are gonna do it on the interwebsss, lol internet is not serious, but the ppl on it can be...
what a dork

its grrrreat!

i kept lol'ing at the really off key music and the stain bit "boy howdy!"

O Loorddd... Lmao

Lmao wow.
1: i can believe that sirtom93 actually did that shit.
he is one crazed up freak.
2: bro, how the hell did you pump this out so fast?
3: thats just some funny crap right there.
good lord, brotha.
this is deffinetley jungleishous.


"I'm also going to throw bombs because i hate you" best line ever!!


There are achievements on this? I never saw teh list of em.

scottmale24 responds:

That is a joke that nobody seems to be catching onto.