Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"

Roflmao XD

But the achievements are'nt working >:(

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow. just wow.

reading the post i found it to be extremely surreal. i mean actually posting a threat on a forum and everyone reacting to it, and starting calling the police... i just cant believe he actually went for it.

he really wanted the attention, but i truly believe that he wasnt going to pull it off. unless there was really something wrong with his head, he wouldnt do it.

the game was awesome, a really good parody.

Walkthrough if you truly need help

First go out of your room and into the bathroom to find "The Master Plan"
Then go down stairs into the kitchen to find a club key.
Go upstairs into his parents room to find money.
Go down stairs and leave the house.
Go into the garage take the canister.
Leave the garage and go over a few screens and go into the store.
Beat the bomb mini game and go home.
Watch the ending movie and your done.


fun short game about a 16 year old who tried to burn down his shcool, btw what ever happened to DA kid?

So..... How does petrol burn down schools?