Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"

Wow, that was hilarious.

It should have won a greater award.

Oh fuck yes.

You, sir, are a genius. I tip my hat to you.

Oh man.

Why haven't I played this before!? It's brilliant! Could not have been done better. The look and feel of this game was fabulous. And the text when clicking on objects was hilarious. Very well written. This just made my day. :)

A different kind of game

This was very different than most games on this website I have played. I really liked the goofy design of the main stick figure character, especially how his arms moved when he moved from one place to another. The funniest part was when he mentioned the first refridgerator was invented by the Wright brothers. I was actually hoping for some facts on that thing! It was a little hard to understand the controls (especially with entering rooms). It was very nice to see a nice, soft little adventure.

cool game

can get petrol