Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"

Loved it.

The only other thing I can say, after reading other reviews, is that I love how you have to hit space bar in a point and click game.


I got a question: Are those achievements official? (As in, for points)


Funniest game ever without a doubt!

A funny and good game.

This review may contain spoilers.
Based in the "life" of Sirtom93, How I Buy Petrol is a funny game which you have to burn your school.
Some parts of the game are great jokes, like "Also I will throw bomb... because I hate you".
Maybe It doesnt have a great story like Halo or Gears, but this is a great game for all the lovers of the Click 'n Point genre, like me.
Graphics 9/10: Caricaturistic and funny.
Story 8/10: Funny, humoristic and based in the "life" of Sirtom93.
Difficult 9.5/10: Point 'n Click games have great challenge.
Sound 10/10: Maybe the main character doesn't speak, but the songs are great.
Conclusion: A funny and humoristic game.


that was so stupid
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