Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"


WOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL MY 10 R BELONG TO THIS! FO'SHIZZLE!


Man I remember hearing about that. How stupid can you be to post threats to burn down your school on Newgrounds? This game is hilarious and I love how well you made fun of THE dumbest person on Newgrounds. Wait to go.

P.S. Guys the achievements aren't real lol! It's part of the animation, just for shits and giggles.

xD lol

awesome i laughed at the moment with bombs..it was like wth , why?and so on very funny game,the music was kinda strange but it still was funny -i give ya 10 :) more funny games like that..too bad it was so short.


Though, it is good to know there is that much stupidity out there. I was worried things might get boring.

There is an added justice:
First, he was stopped by the police, good.
Far better is this, he is known across Newgrounds as the kid who tried to burn down his school.

Foolishness deserves to be seen with bright neon lights. It should be advertised and made public. I should know that stupidity is in imminently in my presence, and be allowed to prepare myself, or avoid it all together.

Cheers, and kudos.


Haahaha "The bathroom, where the poop goes" lmao.. awsome game mate.