Reviews for "How I Buy Petrol?"


I loved the copper breaking down the door to his school, also why was it n american bus, and an american cop? I thought he came from dover (england)

scottmale24 responds:

That is a good point.


i visited your NG profile and i see what you have too many good flash.


lol it was preety funneh

Very Nice

I found this game to be good. Maybe not incredibly innovative in the story department...but...it added many things to the generic point and click genre. I liked the moving system most of all. And the Petrol Filling minigame was a nice break from the normal point and click adventure game. I found the character design to be interesting as well. I give this game a 9-5.


fun short game about a 16 year old who tried to burn down his shcool, btw what ever happened to DA kid?