Reviews for "Pride's Work - Dureagon"

Well, you blew my mind with this one. I don't even know what to say, but damn...This is awesome.

DJDureagon responds:

Really? I fell odd about this track. As long as people like it then im happy.

is that mpc chimes?
i think these are a couple good flips of the sample, especially the strings part. it goes pretty hard
it goes back and forth from a high energy banger to a floaty string break so thats pretty cool.

for constructive criticism i cant really give anything other than what wasnt in my taste. ur technique is on point. that being said, one thing i wouldve done is added something at the end instead of just taper off like another voice sample from the same source to tie it back together u know.
anyways great track and im glad ur on here

DJDureagon responds:

Haha good ear. As for the sample, i sounds like something ive heard before but i couldnt place it. I used it anyways. It's hard to find the true original gems.

Brilliant. Shit's mixed perfectly. The horns and bass and drums and everything coalesce into this perfect entity. I can't think of anything bad to say about it. Strings are fucking dope, btw, they remind me of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra.

Beastin homeboy just Beastin

Using that vocal sample as an intro does so much for this beat. It only last for about 12 seconds, but it gets me so pumped up, man.

Speaking of the intro, I'm kinda disappointed the instrumental went in a different direction that I thought it was. I dunno what that was in the beginning (guitar?), but it was going pretty fast, so I expected a fast beat. And once the real beat kicks in, everything slows down. Of course, it's still a great beat, it sounds amazing, but that intro threw me off completely, and I kinda wish the rest of the beat built onto that guitar thing.

That aside, everytime I play this, I imagine it being used as the menu song for a Western-style game (and it looks pretty cool in my head, if I do say so myself). Some of your other beats sound like they can be used in games, too (Clockwork sounds like music for some Mines level). It'd be interesting in hear them used on some of the flash games uploaded on Newgrounds, I think.

I'm rambling. Long story short, I llike this.

DJDureagon responds:

The guitar you hear at the beginning actually is in the song just slowed down a lot. I thought the guitar fit the vocals pretty well in the intro and provided a beefier backdrop for the main beat. It is a completely different tempo and mood than the beat itself but I actually like to throw people off from time to time. If anything, i should have used some vocal samples for the outro to tie it all together.