Reviews for "Pride's Work - Dureagon"

Damn son, this is hot as hell! I like the different melodies and structure you played with, and it kind of made me wish the drums did some changing along with em, but I can't knock it cause the beat is great and flows. Keep this kind of shit up my dude!

Done did it again.

DJDureagon responds:

Yes, I made another track.

Hardcore stuff =)

DJDureagon responds:

I'm more into softcore.

is that mpc chimes?
i think these are a couple good flips of the sample, especially the strings part. it goes pretty hard
it goes back and forth from a high energy banger to a floaty string break so thats pretty cool.

for constructive criticism i cant really give anything other than what wasnt in my taste. ur technique is on point. that being said, one thing i wouldve done is added something at the end instead of just taper off like another voice sample from the same source to tie it back together u know.
anyways great track and im glad ur on here

DJDureagon responds:

Haha good ear. As for the sample, i sounds like something ive heard before but i couldnt place it. I used it anyways. It's hard to find the true original gems.

Well, you blew my mind with this one. I don't even know what to say, but damn...This is awesome.

DJDureagon responds:

Really? I fell odd about this track. As long as people like it then im happy.