Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

I gave this submission a vote of "5"

"You have super speed why didn't you come here sooner?"
"Cause I came in the Volvo"


I agree with you man. There were just too many plot holes in that movie.

I love this

The movie was shit. The book was mediocre at best. It's like, if shakespeare wrote a shitty fanfiction. It's still a shitty fanfiction no matter who writes it! It was well written but the story was bullshit. I mean well written in the sense of description and things like that. Novelist writing shit. But this? This was comedy gold. <3 I love things like this video you made. Two thumbs up.

Thank you! T_T

It's the exact same things "I" said when i saw that movie! Finally, someone who understands and is not some 5 year old who won't shut up about how "amazing" that movie was when it WASN'T XD


Good Job man. I've seen that shitty movie about 6 times sence it came out on DVD.
I watched this about 4 times... laughing my ass off each time. GREAT JOB!

thank you

you have sucsesfoly killd the movie