Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"


"It just seems like you're a total noob." :D
dude this was hilarious.
I hated Twilight, but everyone's obsessed >:l
rambling on and on, basically the movie, the video was a bit long, but hahaha. hilarious. ;D


I loved this flash, frankly to the people complaining about lack of animation, I thought that made it so much better. This movie is based on those two tards anyways so why waste time animating them together in different positinons over n over again.
The sound was amazing also btw, I lol'd all the way through.

Thta was total and absolute BULLSHIT!!!!

I loved it, especially after i read the whole series. Ur so rite about plot holes.


when they said "ya because when one vampire sucks your blood, it turns you into one, but when another vampire sucks your blood, it reverses the effect." I LOLED SO HARD

Oh no! Bella you've been bitten!-said Edward

Hoo ray~
said Bella