Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"


That was so epic, man! You made that movie your bitch! The only punctuation suitable for this movie is exclamation points!

This is absolutely hillarious.

Something good actually came out of that processed shit.

Thank you! T_T

It's the exact same things "I" said when i saw that movie! Finally, someone who understands and is not some 5 year old who won't shut up about how "amazing" that movie was when it WASN'T XD


Good Job man. I've seen that shitty movie about 6 times sence it came out on DVD.
I watched this about 4 times... laughing my ass off each time. GREAT JOB!

Sparkly.. shiny.. .even more handsome

Gorgeous. I love this thing.. cant stop watching it. Friggen hilarious... "skin is different.. crystalization!!"