Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

Spartans! Lies!

My middle schools mascot was the spartan. They Stole IT!

i liked it

I don't get how his skin gets shiny either!!! I love the books. The movie sucked! Everything said here was SO true. Why not turn her into a vamp? I think he was waiting for her to meet Jacob and make things complicated lol

Too great

As a Twilight fan[of the books not the movie], i've gotta say that this was fucking hilarious XD

'because shut up' XD i hope you do one for each movie


Boring, not much of a parody, as dull pointless and stupid as the series itself.

I'm already finding this series in bargin bins at the local Goodwills. May this putrid tween fad die quickly.


"because i came in the volvo."
lol nice.