Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

im glad i didnt go see that movie

lol,it took her that long figure it out,and that dude was a retard

roflmao, omg

Hahaha, that part with the bus was funny. the book was better than the movie, though still not THAT good. i know someone who would say something like this as the review for the book. good job!

Vampires sparkle like a diamond...in the sunlight

I despise twilight so of course you get a ten for mocking them LOL
nice parody though using the movie itself
Bella voice is so sexy LMAO
Edward true inteligence shows........


That was an amazing parody. Do more lol. I really really loved it.

Its sapose to be scincetific...

I guess the books (and maby movies) was trying to do is show what vampires would be like if they fallowed scientific laws. Like venis fly traps have sweet smells to atract flys sparkaly skin sapose to atracked humans to them so they can attack. speed and stranth makes it harder for humans to get away. Their the perfict preditor...they blend in and everything

...but still kinda takes away from all the cool vampire stuff...