Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""


great clip
but the gay was not apreciated now my eyes burn
great animations

altffour responds:

If your eyes are burning, consult a doctor. It is unrelated to this cartoon.

Not bad. But humor needs work.

Not the best flash I've ever seen. It's pretty good. I'm just hoping you can do better on the next flash.

kinda slow

Good jokes, but pacing was slow. Not as tight as the first episode. I didn't make it until the end.


no... not at all

I did not like it at all

who would like a movie that starts out with a guy screwing this other guy up his butt that is gay I hate seeing that now if it was to women banging would not bother me thats hot.

altffour responds:

Homophobia is super laaammme. especially being homophobic about comedy.