Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""

Unexpectedly funny

Hope this doesn't offend you in anyway, but that was surprisingly funny, and often intelligent humor. Good work, nice voice acting and animation style. I loved bearputer.

The plot was surprisingly coherent, despite the fact that it consisted of time traveling bears and I hadn't seen the first part. Criminally under-rated! Oh, and I was hardcore enough for high quality. Believe it.

altffour responds:

I took no offense from your generally positie review. Have a great day!

Was Good

Great work with the animation and some good jokes.
Liked the Bear Puter.

Could have ben a little longer though.


great clip
but the gay was not apreciated now my eyes burn
great animations

altffour responds:

If your eyes are burning, consult a doctor. It is unrelated to this cartoon.


I was wondering where all the sound effects went though...

It was abnormally silent.


It was nothing really new. But it looked like you worked hard on it so.