Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""

Bear with me plz

If the song didn't make me fall in love with this, surely it must of been She Bear. The animations were limited but well done were they were needed, and the voices are superb, but the jokes hit and miss. The script is terrific, but the graphic jokes could be toned downed....or at least have rainbows come out in order to lessen the impact...although it might as well make things worse. Kudos Brah

I was really funny but -

You know , I loved this...it just needed some audio - Sound effects when someone gets hit, and maybe some production music to carry the animation a bit. There were too many times where it was just silence. For example - Bear Headquarters, as it zooms in, it needs music to introduce it. But aside from it all, great humor and good animation!

altffour responds:

You're right! thanks a lot.


I was born and raised in the small town of Gettysburg and I find this video horribly offensive.

I actually didn't finish watching it. It seemed decent though. I'm pretty drunk.

Hope this review was helpful!

altffour responds:

I like your jib-cut, little guy.

bearz are danger

this is fun, when ur up late this is the stuffs, funny humor like this.
I havent seen the first episode. i might go and watch it now! or.. i will, xD
Did u get the idea from silverphang? or what the name was.. :P

absoulutely magnificant!

what a fantastic show of artistic ability my friend, touche touche.

simply splendid!

some funny shit