Reviews for "Megaman Forever"


just make sure you get the double shot and its a good game

Better enemies required

I thought it was really well-made, except for the design of the opponents. Though they were really well programed, they looked very simplistic. That's the only flaw here.

ending failure

The game was fairly good. I think it was a little too difficult to jump from one landing to the other on the levels with gaps in the ground. Also, I got to the final final boss...and lost. And it rolled credits anyway. What's up with that? For the most part, a fairly good game.

Okay, FLAWS & Score

1. KIller Machine, SAT Robot And Dragon Fly Machine Seem Impossible To Beat.
2.DF Machine's Laser COMPLETELY MISSED And I Still Got Hit. It Also Takes Down About One Third Of The Health Bar.
3. Killer Machine's Saws Need To Be Smaller.
4.SAT Robot Doesn't Even TOUCH Me And I Get Hurt.
5.Speaking Of Touch, Can You Make It So It Doesn't Hurt When You Touch Them?
Graphics: 9/10
Difficulty: 9.9/10 >:( (as In How Hard)
Controls: 10/10.
Overall: 8/10. Good Job.
P.S. This Is Pretty Good. So, I Was A Bit Generous And Gave It An 8.

It's okay

Well, first of all, I agree it was challenging at first, but the key is (and that's the same in most of those megaman games) to fight the bosses in the right order since you get their weapons. It took me a while to figure out which one to fight first but eventually I found out. For all of you who don't want to try every one, ...

SPOILER ALERT: ... try the Bug Boss first, it one of the ones on the left and then the others are possible to be beaten. And espacially at the final battles, you have to use your sliding ability. Because you can slide and shoot at the same time, and if you choose he right weapon, it gets quite easy at the end.

But still, there are a few things you could change:
Shorten the "Die-sequence" or make it "skipable".

Make it possible to skip the capcom screen, because it takes a while, espacially when you fought a boss and can't kill him yet. ( Or even better: If you get kiled, and you want to get to the main menu again, just leave out the capcom)

Maybe you could put some more effort into the design of the bosses :) !!!!!!!!!

I guess there are a million things to add, but I think those are not too complicated and would make the game more enjoyable

Nice Work!