Reviews for "Megaman Forever"

There are some things to fix

The game itself is decent and simple to play, but it's riddled with bugs that should be fixed.

For example, when you die once, you repeatedly die like 3 more times until you run out of lives. Unless those three explosions count as 1 death then disregard that.

TEACH MEGAMAN TO SHOOT UP! The bosses are too high to hit and since the player cant aim vertically they're immune to our attack. Sure weapon upgrades and everything but that shouldn't make some bosses impossible without them.

Make megaman jump higher, it'd make it a lot easier for us to land on the platforms and not fall do our deaths.

That's about it so far. Make those improvements and then resubmit.

its actually good

its not amazing but sure delivers some feeling, I like it and the bosses are done by you right?


It's one thing if it's easy to defeat some bosses with some weapons. It's an entirely different thing if some bosses are undefeatable without certain weapons.
Any boss that stays higher then you can jump when all you have is the horizontal shooting weapon are undefeatable. Your shots can't reach them.
Also one of the bosses I fell down on that stage and I kept coming back in the same spot underground, therefor falling down to my death until I ran out of lives.

seems broken

Couldn't find a way to shoot at the flying bug thing since it doesn't ever come down.


just make sure you get the double shot and its a good game