Reviews for "Megaman Forever"

Better enemies required

I thought it was really well-made, except for the design of the opponents. Though they were really well programed, they looked very simplistic. That's the only flaw here.


Hit detection sucks because enemys damage you even if you don't get hit by their attacks. Jump accuracy is also a steaming pile of crap.


it looks like near to blam this and create this again.


It would have been a good addition if you could shoot on an upward angle, seeing as the majority of enemies in this game can't be shot at from the standard horizontal approach.

Pretty Good

I love this because it is megaman. But some of the bosses were very annoying. Like thier projectiles, I would be atleast an inch away and it would still hit me. Still the music rocked and the controls and graphics were sweet. So I give it a 7.