Reviews for "Megaman Forever"

its ok

this is an ok game. the bosses are way too hard one boss the dragon fly i think it was killed me in one shot! then when i figured out what weapon worked on the satelite guy he was still able to kill me with for hits! but im a big mega man fan and was determined to beat this game and finnaly did! for all the trouble i went trough to beat it the ending was a let down. this could deffinately be better.

i tried

i really did, but this game sucks too much. all the bosses fly so you can barely hit them, and they do so much damage that you dead within five seconds! and it doesnt help that they constantly teleport directly above you and the fact that meg man is so slow that he doest have nough time to get out of harms way.


as much of a megaman fan i am, i truely didnt like this game.

i played two bosses, and stoped. i couldnt hit the first guy i picked, and the second one i could, but he can kill me in four hits.

the jumping is off, since i can just higher in one stage, even though it was a space area.

consider redoing it with a stage to go through, life bonuses, energy tanks, weapons tanks, rush parts, beat, ect. and lowering the power of bosses

if you follow up with this style, while keeping you customs in it, it will be great.

This should have been tested before submitmission

you need to add much more and some of the bosses are Impossible to hit because you can't jump high enough and its hard to guess were they are moving :/

4 for effort,

make the bosses not teleport randomly teleport and move around.


Hit detection is way off (I'm guessing you used hitTest() without realizing it uses a square, right?) and the only art you created kinda sucked. Overall, the gameplay wasn't terrible (just old and overused), and Megaman's programming was solid, but the enemys' programming was ridiculous (in addition to the hit detection being off, why did you have them randomly teleport?), megaman's death sequence was clearly never tested (he explodes THREE TIMES!), and the CAPCOM screen was there for too long. Not terrible, but far from greatness.