Reviews for "Megaman Forever"

What's this crap?

Where to begin. Well for starters what the hell are these bosses supposed to be bugs? Seriously no robots or shit? Secondly takes forever just to hit these guys and lastly it's pretty much everything Mega Man isnt supposed to be. Sorry but no dice

O.K. F*ck!

The game was interesting enough but damn that hit detection is really bad. As others said, Killer Machine, SAT Robot and Dragon Fly Machine are reaaally hard to beat. Not so much cause their especially well designed but because the hit detection sucks and their attacks are often nearly impossible to dodge. I ended up getting the same problem as some others where the credits started rolling even though I died on the last boss.

Okay, FLAWS & Score

1. KIller Machine, SAT Robot And Dragon Fly Machine Seem Impossible To Beat.
2.DF Machine's Laser COMPLETELY MISSED And I Still Got Hit. It Also Takes Down About One Third Of The Health Bar.
3. Killer Machine's Saws Need To Be Smaller.
4.SAT Robot Doesn't Even TOUCH Me And I Get Hurt.
5.Speaking Of Touch, Can You Make It So It Doesn't Hurt When You Touch Them?
Graphics: 9/10
Difficulty: 9.9/10 >:( (as In How Hard)
Controls: 10/10.
Overall: 8/10. Good Job.
P.S. This Is Pretty Good. So, I Was A Bit Generous And Gave It An 8.

your dumb

dude creator of mega man forever you are dumb why not you end the robot masters name with man or women okay