Reviews for "Stan and Eyeballus"

Well I lol'd

Good job

squishy faec wus squishy


Nice job man. This is the type of humor I enjoy watching and producing :D

i like it!111

a great movie, and i must say, evn if it took u two years to respond, you did it on a great way....

also i love hwo you made the characters so diverse.. like (one guy, red, angry, hates coffee, yet drinks... sometime!! .. and the eyeballus guy, who is friendly, andl ikes tea.. so fun!)

also i loved hwo u showed ur ng character... haha... with crazy sheriff hat, and powers.... and i love how you showed scenes, from ur older projects.
nice movie, i hope u get an A' my pal, and also err did it got good clear responce?

AAAmmm.... also i liked how the whole story unfolded, and how the characters, where so fluid. i loved it. ort he detail, in the face when he said ''do i LOOK so wll?'' and stuff and the ''i don liek coffe?'' and the ''i will golf! itst he only open spot..'' haha so funny.
all, in all, a worthy submisson5


I did my recording for the coffee break line. I guess I forgot to give it to you. My bad, Sweet did a good job though.


nice really nice