Reviews for "Stan and Eyeballus"

Pretty cool

Very smooth animations with school appropriate humor. Some cool characters with hilarious personalities, and... well I'm not exactly sure what the plot was. You managed to make everyones voices completely different. I actually thought they were voiced independently until the credits. Definatly sequal worthy!

Keep up the good work!

cool but

Stans voice is Annoying as hell

Bad Stan!

Don't disobey Shinkz or next time it will be 2 tons for you! Nice movie, hope to more movies like these out of you.

good job

eyeballus: my name is eyeballus but you can call me SUPERFLARE

beast you eye johnson on the 7 stack of toliet paper

they not penguins theyre serouis of tubes

stan: first you need a key frame. eyeballus: KEY FRAME

my favorite parts

i like it

its awsome :P