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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"


The perfect way to take the piss outta someone - Macromedia Flash!

As for the animation itself, it sucked and you could have me it funnier.

JaY11 responds:

Animating with laptop mouse pad = >:(

Toooo right!

That kid needs mental help very bad...Not a game like but you know


1.The game by itself wasn't good at all, you cannot understand what you are supposed to do since you lose a second after you start playing..
2.Sirtom93 is the leader of a crew where l post on, and l will not tolerate somebody making fun of him...

JaY11 responds:

1. It's a joke
2. It's a joke

This isnt funny

I frown apon this dude. And it has nothing to do with this game and its quality. Youre making fun of a really sad story. Sirtom93 apparently needed help and he wasnt able to get it. His parents probably didnt care about him. That can be proved by him wanting to shoot up his school and they would actually let him BRING the gun in the first place! Now he can get the attention and help he needs. Besides, he is probably embarassed as hell. People are probably afraid of him now which means now he wont even be able to live a normal life. If you did do something like this, you shouldve made it the same but change him with Piconjo and that one NG guy who saved the school could be changed into Pico. Now not only his local area knows about it but most of the NG world does too! Now thanks to Tom Fulp completely broadcasting it, assholes like you are too! Give the guy a break. He's gonna have enough trouble in life from now on and thanks to this he probably wont be able to show his face on Newgrounds either! And anyone who thinks this is good is an asshole just like this guy! Thanks to him, 4,402 more people know about this!

JaY11 responds:

He tried to burn his school, potentially putting innocent lives a risk